Fluoro Polymers


PTFE F-Series is called Fine Powder and can be used in paste extrusion molding by adding an oil for luburicant. It is suitable for thin-walled tubes, thin rods and wire coating.


PTFE D-Series is nano particle aqueous dispersion stabilized with a nonionic surfactant. It is manufactured through condensing raw dispersion from emulsified polymerization of PTFE. It is used as various film for construction or conveyor belts in food factories by impregnation and heat processing (sintering) on carbon fiber cloth or glass cloth.

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Grades Average Particle Size(μm) Draw Down Ratio * Features
F-104 400 - 650 Low Suitable for tubes, unsintered tapes and thick coaxial cables.
F-201 450 - 650 Med. - High Standard grade for tubes and wire coating
F-205 400 - 650 Medium Superior in heat resistance and good transparency.
Suitable for tubes and wire coating with heat resistance.
F-208 450 - 650 Med. - High Suitable for thin tubes and wire coating with heat resistance.
F-302 450 - 600 Low - Med. Superior in self-fusing property. Suitable for tubes.

*Rough Indication for R.R (Reduction Ratio).

Low Reduction Ratio: Below 500

Medium Reduction Ratio: 200 - 1200

High Reduction Ratio: over 1000


Grades Average Particle Size
Specific Gravity
D-210C Approximately 0.2 Approximately 1.5 Suitable for glass cloth impregnation and metal impregnation.

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