Thermocouples Cables

Compensating or Extension Cables are used in temperature measurement to convey information from a thermocouple sensor, to the measuring instrument. The conductors are made of different metal to provide positive and negative cores to match the emf generated, from the sensor.

Extension wires, are having same materials as of thermocouple.


Insulation, as per use

PVC : for temp. upto 700C/ 850C/1050C

SIL : Silicon Rubber 1800C

FG : Fiber Glass +2000C

PTFE : Temperature -650C+2600C

FEP : Temperature -650C+2000C


According to use of environment & temperature

Thermocouples Cables Thermocouples Cables Thermocouples Cables

Thermocouples Cables

Type Description (+ve) (-ve) 1000C 2000C
Kx Cromel/Alumel Nicr NiAl 4.10 8.13
Jx Iron/Constantan Iron Constantan 5.26 -
Tx Copper/Constantan Copper Constantan 4.24 9.77
Vx Compesating for type Kx Copper Constantan 4.10 -
Rx/Sx Copper/Cupronic  compensating for type R/S Copper Cupronic 0.645 -

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